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Greenbird Medical AG
Churerstrasse 35
9470 Buchs SG

Tel.: +41 81 599 51 57
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Development, breeding, cultivation and sale of medical and industrial hemp / cannabis within the legally prescribed framework as well as its processing and production from hemp / cannabis-derived cannabis components, by-products, products, raw materials and solubilisates, semi-finished and finished products as well as their import and export, individual, Wholesale and mail order. Manufacture, distribution and marketing of processes for the micellization of fabrics and micellated fabrics. Development, implementation and marketing of scientific studies. Establish branches and subsidiaries in Germany and abroad and invest in other companies in Germany and abroad, the company can conduct all transactions that are directly or indirectly related to its purpose, undertake and broker financing for its own account or for third parties, as well as guarantees and enter into guarantees for subsidiaries and third parties, as well as acquire, encumber, sell and manage real estate in Germany and abroad.

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