Swiss origin. Swiss made.


The revolution

Active ingredients that really work where they should.

Experts say "100 percent bioavailability".

We say:
Greenbird developed THE revolution in the health and nutritional supplement market. Very few people know: Dietary supplements are by no means fully effective in our body.

Because a large part of the important active ingredients is not used by our body at all, but is excreted again. This applies to every dietary supplement. And for every body. Its over NOW!

99% bioavailable

20 times more effective in the body

100% natural ingredients

Free from genetic engineering and without chemical additives

Highest, tested organic quality


Gluten and lactose free

Swiss Quality

Received the Pharma Award

Maximum effect with minimum dosage

Faster absorption

Resistant to gastric acid intestinal enzymes

The solution

The bodys own micelles.

Food supplements that are 99% used by the body.

What does that mean?
Dietary supplements that actually develop their full effect! And thats 100% natural!

Our goal was clear:
We want to achieve almost one hundred percent bioavailability of fat-soluble active ingredients with our products.

The result:
Fat-soluble substances and vitamins are made water-soluble and can thus be absorbed by the body much better. The active ingredients are absorbed by the cells in tens of times higher quantities.

How it works?
With the bodys own micelles, which are present and continuously formed in the body. One of their tasks is to digest fat. And this is very energy-consuming. With the globally unique and patented process in our products - the so-called micelle formation - this step is taken from the body.

The enterprise

Patent for a micellation process that is unique in the world.

Exclusive distribution for D-A-CH area.

The Switzerland-based Greenbird Medical AG researches and develops in the field of the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and dietary supplements.

After years of development, the company is revolutionizing this absorption of active ingredients with its products. Already today exclusively on the entire German, Austrian and Swiss market - as well as in numerous other countries in Europe in the future.

Roadmap of succsess

For more than 30 years, various methods have been tested to artificially manufacture micelles.

Cleaning waters with micelles have been an absolute game changer in the cosmetics market for several years.


Breakthrough in the health and nutritional supplement sector through Greenbirds Swiss partner.


Multi-patented and globally unique micellation process is honored with an international Pharma Award.


Construction of 38,000 m2 of laboratory and production space in Croatia.


Greenbird Medical receives exclusive sales licenses for Germany, Austria and Croatia.


Development of series production of a water-soluble product line and development of logistics for market entry.


Numerous active ingredients are in the test phase.


Greenbird Medical receives further exclusive sales licenses around the world, including in France, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Montenegro, Hungary, Turkey, Albania, Qatar, Liechtenstein.


Market entry with the first product line.


Expansion into other EU countries.


Investments of several million euros in additional laboratory and manufacturing facilities.

The products

Nutrients, vitamins and nutritional supplements.

vitamins and food supplements.

Nutrients, vitamins and food supplements.

Nutrients, vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Highest effectiveness and easy dosage.

The Greenbird products are simply dissolved in water, juice, tea or any other beverage using the small and handy bottle. Due to the highest bioavailability on the market, only a few drops are enough.

The current product line consists of the vitamins D3, K2, B12 and the coenzyme Q10 from Swiss organic cultivation. Further active ingredients are in the test phase.

Market entry in pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is planned for March 2020.

Coenzyme Q10
Vitamin E

Coenzyme Q10
Vitamin E







Your investment

Investment Roadmap

Roadmap - Roadmap -

Project conception and market analysis

Product development

Securing exclusive sales and production licenses

Joint venture with Swiss cannabis producers

Development of an organizational structure and business model

Establishment of branches in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Croatia

Formation of project teams

Contracts with sales partners

Planning a marketing and advertising campaign

Acquisition of 38,000 m2 of production space in Croatia, building permit for the construction of a new laboratory

Cooperation with logistics companies

Production 1st batch (raw material value EUR 2.5 million, 9 different products, number of items 200,000)

Sales start in mid / end of February 2020

TV campaign in Austria and Croatia

Research and development on other vital substances and nutrients, functional drinks and a product line for pet shops and pet pharmacies

Acquisition of 270,000 m2 of agricultural land in Croatia (organic cannabis cultivation). The European Commission has declared the project to be eligible for funding.

Greenbird Medical AG has cannabis cultivation, production, import-export and trade permits in the following countries: Germany, Liechtenstein and Croatia. More to come.

Expansion into other countries

Use of funds

Marketing & Business Development39%
Partner projects5%
Expansion into other countries14%
Legal advice / legal advisor5%
(legal / statutory regulations)
Research & Development21%
Operating / production costs12%
Liquidity pool4%

Share structure / allocation of funds

Institutional investors33%
Retail investors28%
(Private investores)
Strategic partner17%
Media network5%
Emergency reserve4%
Management & Team6%

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